Homeowner Insurance Florida

Homeowner Insurance Florida

Florida is beautiful with sun drenched beaches, but it also has, without question, the most complicated and confusing insurance markets in the entire United States, especially of the coastal counties.  We work with some of the most reputable carriers to find the protection, plan and coverage that will fit your needs and budget.  Your insurance should never be something you're forced to sacrifice on due to the cost and we realize that, which is why we strive to provide you the best possible price.


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As a local agent we represent many different carriers. We understand terms and conditions so we can help you make the most educated choice. Our staff is fully licensed and living in the same local community in which we provide our services. Our number one priority is you the client.


Home Insurance Basics

Insuring The Home (Dwelling)

The value of your home is not always the price you should be insuring your home. With market conditions always changing, our jobs as professional agents are to make sure we are helping you sort through the replacement value of your home and that your property is fully protected against any unfortunate events.

The dwelling can also cover other structures including sheds, detached garages and pool cages. Most companies will exclude pool cages unless requested. Our job is to make sure things like your pool cage are covered and nothing is left unaccounted for.

Personal Property

Personal property is not as basic as years past. In today's market money is being spent on electronics, televisions and computers. Our goal is to help you cover all of your valued belongings

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage helps protect against unfortunate accidents that happen from time to time, which occasionally result in lawsuits.  If someone is injured or property damage that you or your family may cause to other people on or way from your property could result in a lawsuit, liability coverage will help provide legal defense expenses and protect your assets.  It's also recommended that a Personal Umbrella Policy be put in place to protect higher amounts and additional accidents.

Medical Coverage

If a visiting friend happens to slip and fall, they may sue you for damages; guest medical coverage portion of your homeowner's policy can reimburse your guest for the medical expenses and related costs as a result of their accident on your property.  From emergency room visits, ambulance transportation and medical / surgical

What Determines The Price

There are many different factors that determine your insurance premium. There is not a one size fits all approach with home insurance. While taking the time to asses the homes construction and replacement value, we can save you hundreds even thousand of dollars; while maintaning the proper coverage and even providing better coverges in some cases. Below is a list of factors that can determine your premium.

-The age

-Type of roof, shape and pitch

-Previous claim history

-Previous insurance

-Location and proximity to water

-Replacement value



-Wind Mitigation




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